People’s Organization Capacity Building

by Katrina Coloso

Established to compliment in empowering both Strategic and basic PO partners, the P-capacity Building program (PO-CB) has gone a long way in its specific mandate to develop PO partners with capacity to effectively respond to their situation and issues affecting them and their communities.

CERNET Orientation - POCB

From June 2011 to December 2012, PO-CB has conducted Organizational Management training to eight (8) basic PO partners, and to three (3) strategic PO partners.

As a result of these PO-CB trainings, six (6) basic PO partners already have a functional standing committee in project management and finance.

Due to capacity trainings on OM and Financial Management training and project monitoring design, the strategic PO partners specifically NAMASAJO, NAKALAP, and KASAMAPA have crafted a monitoring plan and an improved financial system. These trainings are in line with its mission to facilitate the capacitation of the POs to effectively and efficiently implement their projects.

It has also provided gender sensitivity seminars to 10 strategic partners and basic PO partners where five (5) of these PO partners were able to take up women’s issues or concerns during their meetings. Moreover, two (2) strategic PO partners specifically KASAMAPA and NAKALAP have women officers occupying leadership positions. Exhibiting community leaderships, strategic PO partner, NAMASAJO, has received a verbal commitment in support of their tilapia culture project from the local government unit. Meanwhile, KASAMAPA has secured a commitment from government agencies in support of their project endeavors.

Furthermore, the PO-CB has also launched Training Needs Assessment to 12 Basic PO partners and CERNET Basic orientation Seminar to 10 Basic PO partners.