Vision Mission Goal


We envision empowered communities in the Visayas as active agents for development that is pro-people, gender-just and environmentally caring.


As a responsible steward for financial and other resources, CERNET commits itself to working in solidarity with people’s organizations in enhancing the economic, political and cultural conditions in their communities.


Empowered People’s Organizations that are catalysts of community empowerment and are able to sustain their development efforts.

In the pursuit of the above, we bind our selves under the following as bases of unity:

  • People are the creators of their destiny.
  • Development is based on the objective analysis of community conditions.
  • An integrated and holistic approach should be utilized in addressing the causes and effects of community problems/conditions.
  • This approach must include gender-just affirmative actions and the protection and nurturance of the environment.
  • The poor, deprived, oppressed and exploited shall be the priority partners of CERNET.
  • CERNET shall support victims of human-made disasters.

Collectively and individually, we shall uphold the following Core Values:

  • Commitment … upholding a distinct bias for the poor and marginalized.
  • Integrity … ensuring transparency and accountability for our actions.
  • Enabling … working towards the empowerment of the marginalized.
  • Participative … seeking active involvement of all stakeholders.
  • Fairness … ensuring equal opportunities are given to our development partners.
  • Competence … ensuring the delivery of efficient and effective service.
  • Teamwork … working together in pursuit of our mission.