CERNET started with the idea of  setting up a central partner organization that will administer a fund for small projects coming from Church Development Service (EED) ofGermany.  The idea coming from EED, in coordination with PRISMS (Planning, Research, Institutional Support, & Management Services), was presented to five EED partners (SUCED, FARDEC, TUBURAN, IFI-VIMROD and PAGBAG-O) in the Central Visayas Region of the Philippines; all were in agreement to bring the plan into fruition.

Recognizing that it is administratively intensive for EED to process requests for small assistance from grassroots organizations, it was decided that a structure be established which will manage and administer EED funds.

From October 2000 until the following year, an interim BOT was formed.  Subsequent meetings were held for concept development and eventually strategic planning which was done in September 2001 in Panglao,Bohol.  Together with the five EED partners inCentral Visayas, three other development organizations (VPHCS, KINABUHI, NEGORNET)  were invited to join the said  process thus comprising  CERNET’s founding members.  The first General Assembly of the Council was done in December 2001.

CERNET supports peoples organizations in the province of Cebu, Bohol, Negros Oriental, Negros Occidental, Southern Leyte and Biliran. It presently has 9 consortium members which are IFI-VIMROD, FARDEC, VPHCS, PAGBAG-O, SUEP, NEGORNET, TUBURAN, KINABUHI, CM-CEDP.