About Us

CERNET is a consortium of development organizations in the Visayas aimed at empowering peoples organizations (PO)  for community empowerment  through responsible stewardship of resources.  CERNET is a duly registered non-stock and non-profit corporation formed upon a common vision, mission, goal, and bases of unity.

CERNET’s core program is the Small Projects Fund or SPF. Through this program, CERNET provides financial assistance to small projects of partners POs through a system of appraising project proposals, fund releasing, project monitoring and evaluation based on criteria and policies.

CERNET is also engaged  in  a strategic partnership with partner  POs under the Phase 4 Pilot Program, the CERNET-PO Strategic Partnership Program. This program provides livelihood support in the form  of start-up capital for small-scale community enterprise and  food productivity projects.

CERNET’s program on PO Capacity Building (PO-CB) and Legal Services and Advocacy (LSA),  serve as support programs to SPF. These are integral support mechanisms that help facilitate the empowerment of POs and their communities.

Other programs are  the Institutional Development Program or IDP which provides institutional support through research, staff capability building and ensuring institutional financial sustainability.